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Hosting Shopping Cart Features

DigitalOutrage shopping cart is an ASP (Active Server Pages) application for running an e-commerce site. It includes a host of features for your online store.

We use the highest quality cart in our hosting plans! If you've researched
other hosting carts then you already know no one else compares to our features!

Database Catalog
Like all serious e-commerce applications, our shopping cart uses a database, with pages built dynamically 'on-the-fly'. This makes updates easier and allows easier updating and modification of functionality.
Cookie-Based Basket
Most competitor ASP carts use sessions variables, using valuable server memory linked to the user with cookies. The DigitalOutrage Shopping Cart stores basket info on similar cookies but uses no server memory and never times out.
Email List Management
Let subscribers signup to a newsletter when ordering, inquiring, or just visiting your site. Export the addresses or mail them from your cart. Full opt-in verification is standard.
Save/Recover Basket
Store your basket contents in the database and recover them later, even from another computer - ideal for regular orders or selecting items that you want someone else in a different location to recover and purchase.
Wish List
DigitalOutrage Shopping Cart lets users create wish lists that their friends and relatives can view and select items from to buy. At the checkout, these items are automatically removed from the wish list when purchased.
Payment Options
Our cart supports WorldPay, AuthorizeNet, Verisign, PayPal and Protx online authorization, SSL back end order review or the optional Cactusoft Encrypted Email system.
Stock Tracking 
DigitalOutrage Shopping Cart can keep track of how many items you have in stock, give low-level warnings and prevent users ordering more items than you have in stock.
Related Products 
Easily add links to related products, a great way to encourage users to view other products they might be interested in and stimulate sales.
Advanced Search
DigitalOutrage Shopping Cart searches categories, products and versions, and highlights the matching keywords in the search results and product pages.
Search Engine Optimized
Our cart has a built- in static HTML generator for building indexed search engine pages based on your product catalogue. One click is all that's needed.
Choice of Database 
DigitalOutrage now supports MS Access, MS SQL Server and MySQL database formats.
100% Scripts
All code is in script form and written in VBScript. Unlike proprietary e-commerce programs, virtually anything in DigitalOutrage Shopping Cart can be changed.
General page text as well as products are all stored in a database. The pages pull the required text where it's needed. Translated versions or text changes to the English version can be easily maintained even when cart upgrades come out.
Shipping is calculated based on order value or weight, and banded according to the 'zone' that the country is in. You can also set which tax rate applies to shipping and set up multiple shipping methods.
Easy 'Skin' Design
Our single-file 'skin' HTML template system gives you an easy way to design the visual appearance of the site in FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc. and is exclusive to the DigitalOutrage Shopping Cart.
Full Back End
The easiest to use, most intuitive back end admin system is a basic element of DigitalOutrage Shopping Cart. Enter product data, upload images, view stats and warnings, clone new versions, find 'lost' products and much more. It's just as slick as the front end.
Easy Configuration
Nearly all the configuration settings are now held in the database and can be updated by a simple-to-use back end utility. You can even change payment systems online without recoding.
Affiliate Program
DigitalOutrage Shopping Cart allows you to set up affiliates and record how much traffic, revenue and commission they've earned you. Affiliates can login to see the traffic, sales and commission they've generated over any of the last 12 months.
Customers & Orders 
You can view customers who've used the site or create new accounts from the back end. Find orders quickly and link them to customers, or vice versa.
'My Account' Section
Let users see the progress of their orders (order tracking) and manage their saved baskets and regular orders. They also get a full order history.
Tax by State/Country
CactuShop knows which country/state you're in and therefore whether to charge you tax or not. Settings are easily configured in the back end.
Create coupons that customers can redeem for a % or fixed amount discount. Coupons can be expendable or reusable and have start/finish dates.

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